“Why Is Everything So Heavy?”

Linkin Park in concert at The O2 Arena, London, Britain - 23 Nov 2014

Devastated. Speechless. Utter shock. Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s frontman committed suicide.

Linkin Park, Chester’s voice has been a major part of my childhood.

He literally left his fans numb.

Numb is the one song I listen to regardless if I am sad or happy. Linkin Park songs and Chester’s voice are something I turn to, to find my peace. In fact, every song is so close to my heart and to everyone’s heart from my generation. It is the one band and voice that I have listened, admired and adored throughout the years and it makes me so sad that he left us…

My reaction just as I found out about this was why bloody WHY???? But then again no one knows what goes around a person’s mind. The changes in those moments in split seconds. But it is still so unbelievable.

As I write this post, Crawling is playing in my mind loud and heavy. That man is a legend. The songs will keep him alive forever. ❀ But he should’ve lived more even with the amazing list of songs he has left behind it still doesn’t feel enough. And he had to go just on the day of the release of Talking to Myself?

Some month’s ago I was watching his Instagram live. He seemed fine… really why? Why did he have to go?

I am so emotional right now and at a great loss for words. A great loss for our generation.

But thank you, Chester, thank you for every song that means more than lyrics, music, and sounds to us! Deepest condolences to his close ones. Great love to you.

And wherever you are Chester……….. REST IN PEACE.

Thanks for reading.




  1. I was shocked when i found out, Linkin Park has been a huge part of my life still is. I guess it shows that some people are living a dream life but there’s a nightmare going in their minds.

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